Wednesday, January 27, 2010

walk around Dallas and you will see...

Reunion Tower, next to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It was home to a horrible restaurant for many, many years, but it is now home to the fabulous Wolfgang Puck 560 (named for its height in feet). This is also where my boyfriend works as a cook.

(as always, enlarge picture for full size)

This is in front of City Hall. City Hall is not pictured because no matter how I work it, it's a hideous building.

The Longhorns in Pioneer Plaza, located next to City Hall.

Let's go over to Deep Ellum, and visit some robots, graffiti and art.

This robot is playing the guitar, serenading Dallas.

The other robot is about to destroy Dallas, take cover!

I'm just kidding, look how sweet his little robot face is.


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I love textured look of paint of brick.

I wonder if Julie is still loved?

My friend Justine came with me.
She is a picture taker too.

'Screw Sidewalks!'

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  1. I'm from Dallas, living in San Antonio. These are awesome! Reminds me of home...nice work.